Shared toilets?

We can’t avoid them! We have to share toilets all the time – in school, at the office, restaurants, in town (yes, those kanju toilets), at home (even if you live alone there are visitors)… everywhere! This is a fact of life… we just can’t avoid sharing toilets. 


When you got to go… you got to go, chances of using a shared toilet are 99.3%, so you:

Take a tissue paper and wipe the seat… phew…you hope against hope that the wiping has sanitized the seat, yet you know you still know that this is unhygienic and you almost gag when you think about it.

Other times you take tissue paper and hurriedly lay it on the seat and sit… then, “Wait, did I just sat on an uncovered space, oh Lawd!” It makes you feel like gagging. 

On unfortunate times you go knocking in all the stalls hoping to get enough tissue… but wapi? So, you are forced to assume various acrobatic poses just to do simple nature call. 

Sometimes to avoid all this drama, you decide to hold it in hoping to get home and do your business in peace… then traffic slows down and stops for hours… it feels like you are about to explode, so you curse and curse… aaand WTF!

As it is using a Toilet, simply using a toilet is synonymous with DRAMA. We ALL need an experience that gives us Peace of Mind, Joy, and Comfort…


but what if we didn’t have this drama?

Yes… what if you could use ANY loo without caring about germs? What if you could be comfortably confident on the toilet knowing you are protected?


Introducing Lavena Care

This small bottle contains a solution that gives you the confidence and comfort of a private toilet, even when it is a shared one. One spray on the toilet seat and all germs become history. Oh, and the bad smell. 

Lavena Care is a very handy & compact toilet seat sanitizer that you can use anywhere – whether it’s a public toilet or at home.

Use Lavena Care for a hygienically safe experience anytime anywhere.


Lavena Care Toilet Seat Sanitiser offers you complete peace of mind with its active formula to kill germs which may be harmful disease spreading in shared public toilet seats.

Lavena Care Antibacterial all-purpose sanitizer kills 99.9% of harmful germs that cause infections and diseases on shared public toilet seats.

When it comes to Safe Hygiene at shared toilet seats in public places or homes you can trust Lavena Care Toilet Seat Sanitiser Because Good Hygiene is a Necessity; not a Choice

Steps to use Lavena Care Toilet Seat Sanitizer!

Press the tip to Spray the Lavena Care Sanitizer on the toilet seat.

Wipe and wait for just 5 seconds for the anti-bacterial spray starts to sanitize the area.

The toilet seat is now 99.9% germ free and safe for use.

Public Toilets
Public Toilets

Get it NOW!

Does this look and sound like something you want to try? Of course! You need this in your bag, your washroom… everywhere. Because you deserve that comfort and confidence.  Give us a call on 0723998053 or order directly in the shop page. WE WILL DELIVER!


  • Very uncomfy

    For the longest time, I would be very uncomfortable in town. there was no way I would use a toilet in town, whether kanju or restaurant loos... and I would have to go home early. Not any more - with Lavena!

    Florence Nyambura
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • No more UTIs

    UTI are such a pain in the wrong places, literally. With Lavena Care you can use any toilet without caRing about UTI

    Joy Kendi
    UoN, student

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