Welcome to our new website. Get a welcome discount with coupon code “MPYA”

Nairobi – Kenya


Welcome to our new website. Get a welcome discount with coupon code “MPYA”


About Us

Personal hygiene is essential, with Covid 19 it has become mandatory for self-preservation.  We have been tasked with the responsibility of taking care of self and consequently our neighbor.  Our mission is simply to provide the right products with a touch of elegance and great convenience. We aim to provide a Safe Seat, Safe Sit with our 360 degrees indigenous solution.  We endeavors to ensure our customers enjoy a hassle free hygiene experience.

We have both the retail and Institution channels that are customized to cater for the best hygiene solutions. Our retail products are small enough to carry yet big enough to last your assurance for 99.99% instant germ free protection and a fragrant environment.  Our institution channel anticipates our clients’ latent needs focusing on creating an exciting rest room experience that is safe, sanitized and deodorized with aesthetic sensibility.

Who We Are

Lavena essence is a fully fledged solution based Kenyan company. It has a keen focus in Toiletries and General Sanitization. Our professional product Line is customized with our customers’ needs in mind. Our Toilet Seat Sanitizers, Toilet Seat Covers, Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash and Product Dispensers offers our customers a 360 degrees free from worry of contracting germs, bacteria and infection.

Our success is driven from need to meet our customers’ expectation. To do so we employ a team approach that guarantees that our customers receive optimum service. We embrace communication within the organization and from our customers and business partners.  This has guaranteed our smooth day to day business operations enabling us to provide premium products and services.


To be a leading and preferred Company, Locally and internationally in the provision of quality hygiene products and services.


Delight our customers with well thought out products and services, with great quality that exceed their expectations

Our Value System

What we believe in


Treat our employees, partners, and customers with honor. Ensure that they go aay grateful having had an opportunity to interact with our company

Customer Service

Provide the best experience that highliy values the customers and makes them feel well loved and that they matter

Product Development

Invest in the latest technology, ideas and innovations in order to provide technically advanced products and services that are compliant with international standards


Excellence in product quality, service delivery and team management. Allowing for open communication aimed at improving our operations to best serve customers


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